Berwins family lawyer qualifies as a family mediator

Sarah Smith,director and family lawyer at Berwins Solicitors in Harrogate, part of the Dovetail group, has just qualified as a family mediator.

Qualifying as a family mediator means that Sarah will be able to lead the way in helping couples to resolve their marital conflicts away from the courts. Sarah has completed a very intensive training programme with National Family Mediation and she’s now qualified to act as a specialist mediator for divorcing and separating couples.

In some of our recent posts we’ve covered the recent prominence that mediation has gained as a result of proposed changes to the legal process. Divorcing couples will be required to consider mediation as a the first step to take before embarking on potentially costly and lengthy court proceedings to settle custody arrangements or resolve financial issues.

Sarah is very pleased to have gained the formal qualification and is now building on her experience by observing and co-mediating with other mediators working in and around Harrogate. Sarah said: “Mediation offers an opportunity to voice disagreements with qualified advisers on hand to help iron out misunderstandings and encourage communication. If couples can start talking early in the process it tends to be much easier for them to communicate and co-parent successfully after separating.”

Paul Berwin, Managing Director of Berwins, added: “Sarah is already well known for her progressive and pragmatic approach to resolving family disputes and is a strong advocate of collaborative family law, a round table approach to divorce.”

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