'Blue Monday' comes early…

The most depressing day of the year – ‘Blue Monday’ – usually falls later in January, however this year it looks as though it may have arrived early…

If you felt down in the dumps and miserable yesterday, it’s highly likely that you weren’t the only one! A combination of terrible weather, a return to work after the Christmas break, coping with the expense of paying for Christmas and the strain that the festive season can put upon relationships, all tend to contribute towards Blue Monday.

Blue Monday traditionally strikes later in January, a theory that goes back to 2005 when a psychologist was commissioned by a travel company to pinpoint the most miserable day of the year. The psychologist created a formula that took various factors into account, such as the weather, depression over failed New Year’s resolutions, debt and the fact that Monday is the worst day of the week for most people. However according to a UK drinks company, Upbeat Drinks, this year Blue Monday fell on January 6th.

Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to back up the theories behind Blue Monday, divorce statistics do show that January is the most ‘popular’ month for couples to file for divorce. This is likely to be for a variety of reasons: relationships already under strain can become even tauter over the holidays and many couples want to celebrate one last Christmas as a family, without their children associating Christmas with divorce.

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