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Are you getting the right financial advice?

According to life insurance and pensions firm Phoenix, divorce is leaving many thousands of women facing financial hardship after divorce, because they didn’t get the right advice when their marriage ended. Phoenix’s findings show that one in three women will be unable to make any further savings, two in five did not fully understand their […]

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Collaborative law can help protect family businesses

We’ve read with great interest the following article on collaborative family law which has been published on Resolution’s website: “We all know the old fable of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, which warns against the dangers of excessive greed. The saying was applied by one Family Law Judge to situations where there […]

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The connection between insolvency and divorce

Last summer, I was introduced to a company that was in financial difficulty. It was only a few weeks away from insolvency and, although options were available, it was important to establish what direction the two directors wanted to take the business in. That would determine the relevant strategy. So, I sat down with the […]

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