Taking control of your families future after divorce

It is widely accepted that, in many ways, breaking up from a partner is a form of bereavement. You are likely to be highly stressed, not sleeping well and unable to concentrate. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the legal process that lies ahead, desperate to ensure the welfare of your children and concerned about […]

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Resolution launches 'Family Matters' scheme

Liz Edwards, the Chair of Resolution, has launched a new scheme called ‘Family Matters’ at a recent conference of family law practitioners. The pilot scheme, which will initially operate in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Crewe and Oxford, has been created to provide guidance and advice for parents who are separating but who do not qualify for […]

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What happens to the family home after divorce?

The family home is, for most families, not only a very special place but also their major asset. If you’re facing the prospect of divorce, you may already be very conscious of the fact that your house will be central to a divorce settlement; what happens to the house and where you will both go […]

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8 Tips for Supporting Your Child Through Divorce

The effect of separation and divorce on your children will partly depend on how emotionally robust they were before it happened but there is a lot you can do to minimise the impact. This is not a separated parent manual and there cannot be a prescription for getting things right: flexibility and sensitivity to the […]

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