Could margarine help stop the spread of divorce?

Now you may be thinking that we’ve lost the plot but in fact we’ve just read a great article on some of the trends that could govern our daily lives! Amongst these trends is the theory that eating margarine could reduce your chances of getting divorced! We seem to be constantly bombarded with statistics these […]

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Cutting the cost of divorce

We’ve read with great interest an article on the website on how to save money on the cost of divorce. The article reports on a range of options to keep the cost of divorce to a minimum, ranging from DIY divorce, through to mediation and collaborative divorce. DIY divorce can work for some couples […]

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'Fortysomethings' turning their back on marriage

A study of official figures appears to show that middle aged people living in the UK are turning their back on marriage faster than any other generation. The number of people over 40 in England and Wales living with a partner outside marriage has risen by over 70 per cent in just ten years, in […]

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When divorce seems to be the only solution

When divorce seems to be the only solution, the next step can be a bewildering array of advice and ‘I never even thought of that’ moments. Usually friends or family will step in to advise and whilst their support can be invaluable during times of stress, it’s always recommended to seek professional independent advice. At […]

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Women having careers could be the secret of a happy marriage

According to a recent study involving four thousand couples in the UK, in couples where the female partner is the main breadwinner, there is less likelihood of divorce in comparison to ‘traditional’ households. The study was published in the journal Sociology and contrary to the traditional view that families would be undermined by women having […]

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