Collaborative Success

Leeds Collaborative Lawyers work together to facilitate settlement

Emma Pearmaine of Simpson Millar LLP and Peter Morris of Irwin Mitchell are both Leeds based specialist Family Solicitors, and experienced Collaborative Lawyers who believe that the collaborative approach to family breakdown is the best way for a family to amicably agree how they can move on with their lives whilst living separated and apart.

Peter Morris says, I have helped many clients to sit round the table with their estranged partner and Solicitor to agree arrangements for the children, and arrangements for the house etc. Difficult decisions have to be made but it is my job to ensure my client is helped to identify all the possible options for settlement before then politely discussing and agreeing a fair arrangement. Emma Pearmaine says, Peter and I both recognise how important it is to ensure that we are able to work together for the sake of our clients to ensure they are able to maintain a workable family and domestic arrangement going forwards. Both clients need to feel that they have been listened to, and that the end agreement is fair and reasonable. They may have children together and will need to be able to continue to communicate as their children grow up… it is the lawyer’s job to help them to find a basis to be able to do this going forwards.

Both Peter and Emma are keen to dispel the myth that Family Solicitors make family breakdown more acrimonious. In fact both say that good and experienced collaborative solicitors do the opposite, as they actually work together to facilitate discussion and work together to help the family reach agreement, which is fair and favourable to both parties.

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