Communication is Key

You might want the house in France, and they only want the London home, but you are both fighting for all the properties you have together. A simple conversation, clearly stating what you really want could easily fix the situation. That’s why communication is key.

All stereotypical Hollywood style divorces aside, we do believe that communication is really important to the overall success of a divorce. Being able to comfortably discuss what arrangement and solutions you want to get out of the divorce can help save unnecessary time going backward and forward over things neither of you are really aiming for.

Simply stating what you would like to get from your divorce can go along way. Be open and honest with your wishes and needs, this makes it easier with the whole process. If everyone is clear about what both parties want from the divorce, then a plan of action can be decided upon.

At Dovetail Divorce we can provide you with all the tools to ensure your discussions can focus on the things important to each of you, making sure that everyone involved is comfortable with the decisions as you are asking for precise outcomes.

Throughout the whole process making sure that you are clear with how you want the process to go, communicating this with your lawyer, IFA or divorce coach can significantly alter the tone of the conversation. You may not be 100% sure at the start but speaking with Dovetail can help you to see the many different routes available.

If you feel like once you come face to face with your ex-partner, you are unable to communicate effectively we can help. We have trained divorce coaches, who can work with you beforehand in order to be calm and collective during the process. Alternatively, you can communicate your wishes to your lawyer who will act on your behalf – ensuring you have a clear and concise idea of your wishes can help them greatly with this.

At Dovetail we work to make sure that you are comfortable and get what you want from your divorce. Take a look at our professionals to see who you would like to help you with your divorce.

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