Could margarine help stop the spread of divorce?

Now you may be thinking that we’ve lost the plot but in fact we’ve just read a great article on some of the trends that could govern our daily lives! Amongst these trends is the theory that eating margarine could reduce your chances of getting divorced!

We seem to be constantly bombarded with statistics these days and divorce and family law is no exception. However an intelligence analyst in the US has discovered a huge number of fascinating trends that have been predicted to change our lives – or they would have if they hadn’t been so ridiculous!

Alongside the margarine eating/divorce data, other examples include the correlation between the numbers of Nicolas Cage films released each year with number of people who’ve drowned in swimming pools in America!

The intelligence analyst whose uncovered these unlikely trends is Tyler Vigen, a criminology student at Harvard Law School and creator of a website called Spurious Correlations, which demonstrates that although two sets of data may seem to follow very similar trends, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are linked in any way at all!

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