D is for Divorce

The 7th January is the time when your house looks bare having taken down your Christmas decorations and you’re making a new home for the mountains of presents that the family have received. It’s also the time when you naturally take stock of where you are and where you want to be this time next year.

The 7th January is also known for something else – D Day – and sadly this D is for divorce.

Sometimes called the January Jilt, the 7th January is the date when divorce lawyers are their busiest. Couples have spent two weeks at home together with their extended families and they’ve also perhaps had the added stresses and strains of the financial pressure of Christmas. They’ve decided that enough is enough.

Not so long ago the main reason for divorce was adultery, but now it’s much more common to find that they’re going their separate ways due to simply falling out of love with each other. Couples no longer feel that they have to stay together ’till death us do part’ and are free to part company if and when they wish to do so.

With the average marriage lasting less than 11 years there are usually young children involved that still need financial and emotional support. Working out the best solution for all of the family when going through a divorce can be a daunting prospect. Dovetail Divorce Solutions brings together a team of professionals that work with the divorcing couple to reduce the emotional tension, find the best way to divide the assets and ensure that the childrens’ needs are taken into account. Within a fixed fee the divorcing clients will benefit from the advice and support of their own Resolution Accredited Lawyer, input of an unbiased Independent Financial Advisor acting as a Financial Neutral and a specialist Relationship Coach.

Dovetail Divorce have formulated a special teams throughout Yorkshire, designed to deal with collaborative divorce which means that the couple can calmly sit and discuss things without going to court. They can talk through finances, access arrangements and assets at their own pace, knowing that they are working towards the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

So whilst they’re deciding where they’re going to be next Christmas, remember that they can divorce decently.

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