Divorce is a life changing event … financially

Planning who gets what and how to split money when getting a divorce can be a stressful process. Some people may even stay in an unhappy relationship worrying they might end up with nothing after a divorce and be in a financially difficult position.

Speaking to an IFA to get advice whilst you’re going through a divorce can be very beneficial in situations like this. Many people may take a back seat with family finance, so suddenly having to take control of it can knock your confidence and leave you feeling very confused. An IFA can sit down with you and help you understand the wealth of your assets and how best to divide them.

At Dovetail we understand that divorce is a life-changing event for all those involved. Trying to work out how to divide pensions, property and other assets can be a daunting task, and making sure that you leave the table in a financially stable position can be an extra task that you might not have fully considered or feel confident tackling alone.

Not only can IFA’s advise on how best to divide assets in the most efficient way to suit your situation, but they can also help assess the valuation of both parties pensions, helping to work out if the correct amount has been paid into the pension and what it’s true worth is so that it doesn’t end up costing you in the long run.

Often pensions and other assets can hold a benefit for one party greater than the cash value- we can help you understand. With a clearer explanation of this, a couple can divide their wealth and keep more of what they have built up.

With more and more marriages ending in divorce, it’s not only important to speak to lawyers/divorce coaches about the best route for you to take, but it is also important to speak to an IFA to make sure that you can come out of a divorce in a financially stable position.

Divide your assets in the least destructive way … speak to Dovetail Divorce today.

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