Dovetail offer the first divorce coach training in the UK

Dovetail Divorce Solutions are offering the only relationship coach training and accreditation programme in the UK. The aim is to ensure that all our coaches have the skills required to support our clients through their divorce or separation to an amicable and fair agreement that puts the children and families at the heart of the decision making process.

The course will be open to all licenced coaches and therapists who would like to offer family lawyers an assurance that they are qualified, regulated, licenced and insured to act as a relationship coach.

Outline of the course:

Day 1 Introduction – the role of the coach and the routes to divorce.

Delivered by a family lawyer and a relationship coach. This day can be attended separately or as the first day of a 3 day accredited relationship coach training programme.

What is the role?

Building rapport; Referring to a relevant specialist; Processing emotions; Broadening the perspective; Building self- confidence; Clarifying values and beliefs; Visioning a positive future; Facilitating communication; Working with the lawyer to support the process as below.

The ways to divorce

a) The court process

b) The mediation process

c) The collaborative process

d) Other options open to clients

Skills needed by a relationship coach – discussion – and introducing the accreditation process.


Day 2 The role of the relationship coach in the divorce process –

Delivered by an accredited relationship coach

This day will involve discussion and reflection around the following:

  • Building rapport
  • Referring to a relevant specialist
  • Processing emotions
  • Broadening the perspective
  • Building self confidence
  • Clarifying values and beliefs
  • Visioning a positive future
  • Facilitating communication
  • Building a team to refer to -discussion
  • Working with lawyers – discussion
  • The reflective piece submitted as part of the accreditation process
  • Accreditation: Supervision, regulation, insurance,


Day 3 Role playing: working as a team with a family lawyer and an IFA

This day will be open to coaches, family lawyers and IFAs interested in building a team to support clients through an amicable divorce process. Training is being delivered by Absolute Specialists, see

The first day is scheduled for June 8th 2013 and will be held in Wakefield. Please contact for more information.

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