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Separating calmly, kindly and constructively

You may first want to explore whether divorce or separation is the best route for you to take. Where there is commitment, a relationship can often be changed for the better where just one person alters their approach to it. I can coach you to do this if it something you would like to try before embarking on formal separation or divorce.

When you are clear that separation is the best option I will:

Offer you unbiased, non-judgemental support and guidance.
Help you to minimise the impact of the separation on your children and help you to keep relationships with others positive.
Help you to keep calm and able to communicate effectively.
Give you confidence, keep your thoughts clear, get your voice heard and support you in reaching a settlement you will be happy with.
Help you to envisage and work towards a positive future.
Support you as you move forwards confidently knowing that you did the best you could for yourself and your family.
Divorce can be stressful; you may experience a wide range of emotions as you come to terms with events, with the change in your circumstances and your expectations for the future. It can also be challenging to support other family members who are finding it a difficult time.

I can support you through the entire process. Initially I will meet with you to understand your position and identify any areas of concern, help you to come to terms with what has happened and prepare yourself and your children for the changes ahead. I can work with you to clarify what is most important to you as you look forward and help you to keep this in mind so you can work towards the best result for all parties.

I can advise on the different approaches to divorce and separation and help you to choose the best route for you. I work with a number of lawyers who are keen to keep divorce cases out of court. Instead, they are committed to supporting and advising their clients as they work towards an amicable and fair agreement about how to divide their assets and co-operatively care for their children after divorce. There is more information about this here.

I can remain on hand to counsel you, where needed, at all stages of the process so you can remain strong and focussed on your priorities and also help you to resolve any conflicts in a positive way.

In summary, as a relationship coach I am:

Part of a team that works, where needed, with lawyers, financial advisers and other specialists to support you through your divorce
Flexible, providing whatever help you are needing at the time
Part of a network of skilled specialists and I can refer you on for extra support, for instance to a psychotherapist, child specialist or money coach where needed
Knowledgeable about the various routes to divorce
Able to give you tools to help you remain calm, to feel empowered and to communicate effectively
Here to keep you clear about the future you want.
I am able to support both parties as they work through divorce or separation, but where necessary I can bring in a second coach to work with your partner. Conversations shared in our sessions will always remain confidential* unless you expressly agree that it will be beneficial to share some information with someone else.


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