End of legal aid could see a rise in fixed fee and 'DIY' divorces

As we’ve reported in the last couple of blog posts, legal aid is no longer available for the majority of divorce cases in England and Wales. Although we’re likely to see a significant rise in the number of ‘DIY’ divorces, many law firms are introducing fixed-fee legal offers, designed to keep legal bills under £500.

Many couples going through divorce rent property and have few assets. In cases such as these, assets can usually be divided up pretty amicably and it’s possible to end the marriage using a low-cost, ‘quickie’ divorce website. However, divorces often aren’t quite so straightforward and for couples facing custody disputes, who own property or have significant assets, this is highly likely to be the wrong route to divorce. It’s also important to bear in mind that unavoidable court fees of £385 will be added on top of what you may pay to an online divorce site.

Approximately two thirds of divorce cases involve a financial order to share out assets, for example pensions or property. How these assets are split is usually agreed between the couple or their respective divorce lawyers. Relatively few divorce case end up in a full court hearing where a judge will impose a settlement. When this does happen, the costs incurred can be huge. An increasing number of law firms are offering fixed-fee divorces, this is something that Dovetail has been offering for some time and our online divorce fee calculator is unique in the UK.





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