Good Divorce Week 2018

This week is #gooddivorceweek! A week focusing on ways to separate and divorce your partner in a way which is constructive, amicable and suitable to all those involved as well as minimising the impact of conflict on Children. At Dovetail Divorce one of our main aims is to ‘Work towards positive outcomes for everybody after you separate’.

Over the years we have written quite a few blogs with advice for you on how to have a good divorce. We’ve put together a list of our top blogs which centre around constructive and non-confrontational approach to a divorce that helps not just you and your ex-partner, but your children and other close family members involved.


Study reveals the collapse of the two-parent family

The latest batch of data released by the Millennium Cohort study has revealed that the number of children who are living with both of their parents has plummeted by a third in the space of just one generation.

Over one in three children will, by the time they finish primary school, have had to cope with a major upheaval to their home life such as seeing their parents divorce or separate. However, although the study shows evidence of a strong link between the breakdown of families and issues such as poverty or behavioural issues, it also demonstrates that despite all this, children are still surprisingly happy.

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Young people feel that exam results suffer because of divorce

According to a major survey carried out by Resolution, the organisation which represents family law professionals in England and Wales, young people feel that their exam results suffer as a direct result of their parent’s divorce or separation.

Resolution published the results of the survey today and the data also reveals that the 14-22 year olds who took part, feel that parental separation can lead to young people missing school, turning to alcohol and, in some cases, experimenting with drugs.

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Women and children are hardest hit after divorce

According to a comprehensive study into how parents fare during the five years following their divorce, it is mothers and children who see the greatest fall in their living standards in comparison to fathers.

The study, carried out by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, also discovered that, after couples with grown-up children split up, just under a third of women in this category ended up living in relative poverty; a much higher proportion compared to men.

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Parenting apart during the school holidays

The long summer holidays can prove to be a particularly challenging time for parents: keeping children entertained whilst juggling work is very difficult, particularly for parents who are bring up children alone.

For parents who are parenting apart, complicated childcare arrangements and financial pressures can all become magnified during the school holidays. In addition, disagreements about where the children will spend time tend to flare up, leading to painful situations for the adults and children.

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Parenting apart? Resolution can help

Here at Dovetail Divorce we are members of Resolution, an organisation of over 6000 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales. Resolution members believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to divorce and family law. Resolution’s website contains a wealth of useful information for parents and children on coping with divorce. Ranging from suggested books for children, through to guides on talking to children about divorce, managing relationships, dealing with difficult situations and planning life after divorce. For further information on Resolution’s resources for parents, please visit Resolution’s website.

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