Harrogate event shows that divorce can be amicable

Lawyers staged an event in Harrogate last week designed to show that divorce doesn’t have to be confrontational. Organised by the Harrogate Law Group, the event was held at the White Hart Hotel to promote collaborative family law. Open to independent financial advisers, HR managers, counsellors and anyone interested in family welfare, Harrogate Family Law Group planned the event to try to highlight the differences between going down the traditional court route to divorce, compared with using mediation or collaborative law.

During the event, lawyers and advisers from Harrogate Family Law Group along with severalHarrogate family law solicitors, acted out three different possible scenarios for the same divorce case to stress the more positive outcomes that can be achieved by using the collaborative approach or mediation, rather than divorcing through the courts. The Chairman of Harrogate Family Law Group, Stephen Root, said: “When couples divorce through the courts they tend to just communicate with each otherviatheir solicitors or through letters. This approach can seem very confrontational and frequently leads to time consuming and expensive court proceedings.”

We’re not sure if an event of this kind has ever been staged before but the idea behind it is a really interesting one. Hopefully it should help promote the idea that there are a growing number of divorce solicitors in Leeds, Harrogate and the UK as a whole who believe that confrontation doesn’t have to be a part ofdivorceand that it really is possible for couples to divorce in a more amicable way.

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