Hotel offers couples the chance to divorce in style

A hotel in the United States has come up with one of the most unusual routes to divorce that we’ve ever heard of: divorce week luxury ‘holiday’ breaks.

The Saratoga Springs Gideon Putnam Resort in New York State will, at some point in the next few weeks, be hoping to attract a new type of clientele: couples who want to get divorced but who want to do so in the lap of luxury.

The hotel is working in collaboration with a Dutch company, DivorceHotel, to offer guests a unique, tailor-made service which is intended to be radically different to some of the ‘quickie’ divorces currently available in some US states.

For a fee of around three thousand pounds, couples will be able to divorce in the hotel which is close to the stunning surroundings of the Saratoga State Park and should the stress of the divorce become too much, guests can take advantage of a range of relaxation and therapy treatments, including facials and mineral baths.

The price of the divorce holiday break covers the accommodation and the services of a mediator who will be on hand to ensure that an amicable settlement is reached. According to the DivorceHotel website they: “See your separation not only as the end of your marriage, but would like to look at it very much as the beginning of a new phase in your life.

“Our DivorceHotel mediators will help you in a professional, fast and affordable way to support you in the process of getting a divorce.”

Should the couple have a last-minute change of heart, DivorceHotel also offer a bespoke wedding service….

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