January proves to be a positive month for marriage

Although the first working day in January has gained a reputation for being ‘divorce day’ due to the numbers of couples visiting divorce lawyers to arrange separations, figures released by the Church of England show January as being one of the busiest times of year for vicars because of a rush of people getting engaged over Christmas and New Year.

The figures released by the Church of England show that the number of inquiries to a special weddings website, set up to encourage couples to marry in church, rose sharply every January for the last three years. 750,000 people visited the site last year and 78,405 were in January; the highest for any month.

The Church of England is bracing itself for another rise in visitor numbers to the web site with well over 100,000 expected to log on this month. Official figures also show a rise in the number of church weddings, despite an overall national decline in marriage.

“I think this puts it in to perspective,” said a spokesman for the Church of England.

“If the truth be told, many, many people are thinking about love and commitment and their future.

“Following on from the joy of Christmas people seem to be in that sort of mood: it seems to boost the interest in commitment and happiness.

“Despite what the doom-mongers say, January seems to be the favoured month – New Year new future.”


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