Legal Ombudsman's report warns of the costs of divorce

A report recently published by the Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales has highlighted the spiralling costs of divorce.

At Dovetail Divorce we understand the financial cost of divorce is often a huge worry and this is why we developed on our unique online divorce fee calculator and offer our services on a fixed-fee basis. Using our divorce fee calculator gives an accurate quote so that couples know the full cost of their divorce from the outset.

However, the Legal Ombudsman’s report does show that many divorcing couples are not being given an accurate cost estimate at the outset of their divorce.

The role of the Legal Ombudsman is to resolve disputes between lawyers and their clients and their report shows that complaints by clients frequently relate to costs.

“The best of the lawyers prioritise the needs of the individual, other lawyers however prioritise trying to get as much money as possible out of the individual client,” said Chief Legal Ombudsman Adam Sampson.

“That can mean in something like a divorce, if you’ve got a very highly-charged vulnerable client sitting in front of you who’s angry at their ex, then you don’t actually choke off what the client wants which is to punish them through the courts, but you encourage them and the result is a massive bill,” he added.

At Dovetail we use the collaborative route to divorce which encourages couples to work out how they will part, rather than leaving matters in the hands of the courts.

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