Marriage Foundation launched today

The Marriage Foundation launched by High Court family judge, Sir Paul Coleridge, officially starts work today to promote marriage and warn of the devastating consequences of family breakdown.
Sadly Britain is blighted by high divorce rates and a resulting erosion of marriage. In 2010, 241,000 couples got married in England and Wales (this figure is lower than 100 years ago) and 120,000 divorces were approved, a figure that is up by almost 5% on the previous year.
Tragically 3.8 million children are currently involved in the family justice system and up to 320,000 new children are being caught up in the system. Sir Paul feels that family breakdown is the ‘scourge of society’ and that many families never recover from the shock of breakdown.
It is highly unusual for a serving judge to speak out in the way that Sir Paul has, however he has been outspoken in the past on the issue of marriage and divorce. In 2011 he warned against making divorce too easy and suggested that it was becoming important for people to re-educate themselves on the value of stable relationships.
Sir Paul said he wanted the launch of his Marriage Foundation to be “the start of a national movement with the aim of changing attitudes across the board from the very top to the bottom of society, and thus improve the lives of us all, especially children”.
Other supporters include senior lawyers such as Baroness Butler-Sloss, the former president of the Family Division; Baroness Deech, a leading family academic and chairman of the Bar Standards Board; and Baroness Shackleton, a leading family lawyer whose divorce clients have included the Prince of Wales and Sir Paul McCartney.

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