New family sitcom will tell the story of a divorce

A new family sitcom to be shown on the BBC’s CBBC channel will tell the story of a young girl whose parents have just divorced.

The Millie Show will, according the BBC, be ‘funny and poignant in equal measure’. Whilst Millie, a 12 year old girl from Scotland, loves the upsides of her new family life – two chances to celebrate Christmas, two bedrooms and two birthdays – the downsides prove much trickier to deal with. Millie’s mum and dad both embark on new relationships with partners who have kids of their own and it seems to Millie as though they all want to move in!

The Millie Show will be made for CBBC by The Foundation and will be filmed in Dumbarton, starring 12 year old Mille Innes who has previously appeared in the CBBC show Dani’s House.

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