Online divorce can prove to be a false economy

We’ve read with interest an excellent article entitled ‘Online divorce – a false economy?’ that has been published on Dorset Family Law’s Blog.

The article highlights recent reports that have appeared in the British press suggesting that as many as one in five divorces are now being processed entirely online, with a significant rise in the number of people using divorce apps to begin divorce proceedings.

This rise in online divorces could be down to the cuts in the legal aid which came into effect in April, however the article points out that whilst divorcing online may seem like a good way to avoid solicitors fees, it is important that couples realise that divorcing in this way does not properly address the division of financial assets. Whilst a ‘decree absolute’ means a couple are no longer married, it cannot prevent either partner from making a financial claim against their ex.

The article highlights the case of Nigel Pain who won £56 million in the Euro Millions lottery draw in 2010. Nigel’s win came ten years after his divorce from Wendy Page; however Nigel hadn’t included a full and final financial settlement in the relevant legally binding document at the time of his divorce. The result was that Nigel’s ex, Wendy, was able to make a substantial claim against Nigel’s prize money.

So whilst opting for a ‘quickie’ or online divorce may seem like a good way to save money, it’s important to remember that, as the article says, ‘you only get what you pay for’. Full and proper legal advice is essential if you are to avoid any unforeseen legal details which could get you into financial hot water at a later date.

The article points out that full and proper legal advice during divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Sound advice on sorting out any family problem, regardless of whether you are married or not, can be resolved at an affordable price and this is especially the case if you opt for a specialist family lawyer with the experience to know when to bring other professionals, helping you keep your legal costs to a minimum.

At Dovetail Divorce Solutions we offer a fixed-fee, collaborative approach to divorce and this, along with our online divorce fee calculator, gives couples a clear understanding of the cost of their divorce from the very start. We also work with a number of professionals including an independent financial advisor and relationship coach. For further information please see

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