Relate's campaign to help parents apart

One of Relate’s current campaigns, ‘Being Parents Apart’, has been launched by the organisation with the aim of raising awareness of the challenges that divorce and separation can bring to family life. As part of this campaign, Relate have published an excellent online tool called ‘What Next?’ which is packed full of information and practical advice, designed to offer support to couples and families during all stages of separation.

What Next provides guidance on a range of issues, ranging from ‘Thinking about splitting up’ and ‘Talking about separation’ through to ‘Dealing with children’s feelings and behaviour’ and ‘Planning living arrangements.’

Relate have designed What Next to be adaptable to suit the varying needs of different families; different topics can be selected according to what’s relevant and the guides can then be saved to build up an individual action plan.

For further information on Relate’s Being Parents Apart campaign, please visit their website.

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