Resolution poll shows a change in attitudes to marriage

A recent poll, commissioned by Resolution in an effort to gauge public attitudes to marriage and divorce has come up with some interesting results.

Resolution is an organisation (of which we are members) for lawyers working in mediation between couples to try and avoid the need for stressful and expensive court battles.

The poll involved over 2000 people and findings show that the majority of people in Britain now have personal experience of divorce with a close family member going through the process. They also found that 13% of married people had seriously considered divorce at one time or another.

Despite the fact that four out five of those questioned believe that children are often the main casualties of divorce, a similar number said that they would put their children’s interests over their own financial interests or in trying to get the larger share of joint assets.

Four out of ten people believed that divorces can be resolved amicably and this number rises to almost half amongst people who have gone through divorce.

“These findings highlight how people have good intentions to prioritise the well-being of children and to avoid conflict during separation, but this can often be derailed by a lack of knowledge of non-court based options and an exposure to the adversarial nature of courts.

Something is going very wrong, and often the result is emotionally and financially drained parents and deeply distressed children,” said Jo Edwards, Vice Chair of Resolution.

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