Second marriages benefit from age and experience

Whilst some 45 per cent of first marriages will end in divorce, just 31 per second marriages are destined to end in failure, according to a report issued by the Marriage Foundation.

The Marriage Foundation says that husbands who are getting married for the second time are more likely to find happiness. The Marriage Foundation is a relationship think-tank, set up in an effort to try and address the increasing number of divorce cases. Their latest report is based upon figures from the Office for National Statistics.

The results of the figures indicate that those on their second marriage may benefit from experience and age, are more ready to commit to marriage and will have given careful consideration to the pros and cons of marrying again.

The report for the Marriage Foundation was written by Harry Benson who said: “Overall, second marriages do better because couples who get married for the second time are invariably older than those marrying for the first time.

“One possibility is that higher age is a proxy for higher income. Higher income acts as a buffer against some of the everyday difficulties faced by most couples.

“Another possibility is that higher age means there are fewer young children from prior relationships.

“And fewer second marriages for men are subject to the social and family pressures that lead into some first marriages. Hence men tend to do better second time round.”

Harry Benson added: “The good news is that couples wishing to marry second time round no longer need to be put off by doom-laden statistics. Second marriages generally do OK.”

However other relationship experts are not as convinced and Relate counsellor Paula Hall highlighted the point that lack of money can be an issue in second marriages, due to divorce settlements but added that: “People in second marriages seem to have more insight and self-awareness.

“Having gone through divorce and separation, there can be more motivation to work through problems and save the marriage.”

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