Shared values could be the key to a successful marriage

It makes a nice change to see some positive news about marriage! A recent survey of over 2000 married couples has found that 91% were happy with their marriage and 17% described their marriage as perfect. The survey results also showed that the number of weddings has risen for the first time in over forty years.

Of course it is impossible to say exactly what makes for a happy marriage but according to the survey the majority of couples agreed that sharing family values was the most important aspect of making a relationship work. This was closely followed by having a shared outlook on life and a sense of humour.

The survey, carried out by online dating agency eHarmony, also found that it is men who would like to spend more time with their partners whilst women are happy to balance their social life between their husbands and their friends. 56% of women agreed that spending time apart was, in fact, healthy for a marriage and a further 29% went as far as to admit that they’d find their partner annoying if he was around all of the time!

Jenni Trent Hughes, Relationship Advice Expert for eHarmony, said: ‘Ninety-one per cent is a significant amount of couples that are happily married in the UK, especially through economically challenging times.

‘This year has been a celebratory year when as a nation we have triumphed, with every moment played out across the TV, so as a whole we’re feeling a lot more positive.

‘What’s particularly interesting is how happily married people say they have the same family values, same goals, share a sense of humour and outlook on life, because science tells us that it’s similarity across these core values that will keep us happy in the long term.’


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