Sir Paul Coleridge calls for family law reform

In a speech made to the Family Law Conference in London on 9th October, Sir Paul Coleridge has emphasised the importance of getting family law right whilst also announcing his intention to retire to enable him to concentrate on his work as founder and Chairman of the Marriage Foundation.

Sir Paul Coleridge, one of the UK’s leading family law judges, launched the Marriage Foundation in May 2012 with the intention of championing marriage and reforming family law.

During his speech, Sir Paul placed the emphasis firmly on the importance of family law as it affects the personal lives of everyone, calling for innovations to be made in the way that family law is approached, saying:

“I am convinced we need to be following other jurisdictions by being more innovative and much more daring in this field. I am also convinced that, save in rare cases, the days of the gladiatorial wars of the titans are over. The dinosaurs have had their day. I am sure that even the more intractable and difficult cases can be solved in a much more sophisticated and modern way and with altogether less bloodshed, time and cost.”

Sir Paul also spoke on the standard court-based process that is used to resolve disputes, saying that procedures are: “Unduly clunky, slow and antediluvian. We must face up to the fact that family law shapes society’and the law in this field has an urgent and desperate need for a root-and-branch overhaul.”

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