Study finds a link between divorce and high blood pressure

Sadly divorce has a reputation for causing stress and upset but according to recent research, sleeping badly during and after divorce can lead to a dangerous increase in blood pressure.

A team of researchers at the University of Arizona questioned 138 people who were either newly divorced or separated on how well they were sleeping. Researchers also monitored their blood pressure, taking readings three times during the seven and a half month study.

Amongst those who took part in the study, the people who regularly had trouble sleeping saw their blood pressure rise a couple of months later.

The study’s project manager, Kendra Krietsch, said: “If somebody is going through a divorce and unable to sleep, they really need to get some help or it could lead to problems. We are all going through something stressful in our lives, whether it’s a divorce or something else. This shows how important it is for all of us to value sleep and take care of ourselves.”

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