Taking control of your families future after divorce

It is widely accepted that, in many ways, breaking up from a partner is a form of bereavement. You are likely to be highly stressed, not sleeping well and unable to concentrate. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the legal process that lies ahead, desperate to ensure the welfare of your children and concerned about your home.

Little surprise, then, that going through such an experience affects the ability of many mums to work and to care for their children.

As someone who saw my parents separate over a prolonged and painful period during my teens, I have witnessed this effect first hand. My mum, a strong and capable woman, had worked all her life and was suddenly thrown into a pit of total despair in her mid-forties – hardly able to get up and out of the house for months on end, let alone hold down a responsible, well-paid job which she ultimately had to leave.

When I, myself, separated from my first long-term boyfriend I would go to work and cry all day (not helped by the fact that his new girlfriend worked at the same place and that my manager had no idea what to do with me, so would let me sit in the stationery cupboard all day!). I too left that job eventually.

Separation and divorce are truly life-changing events – but what if, once you’d managed to get through the initial overwhelm of it all, you could find a way to use this change to your advantage?

Using a relationship coach, such as those offered by Dovetail Divorce Solutions (www.dovetaildivorce.com ), will guide you through the divorce process, help you come to terms with events and will help you start the process of clarifying what is most important to you as you begin to look forward to a new life.

Dovetail’s approach to supporting you through your relationship breakdown does more than simply explain the divorce process, it is fundamental in helping you emerge a more confident and positive person.

And what if, during this time of experiencing new, many unwelcome, emotions you could find the time and confidence to completely re-assess what it is you really want – for you and for your family?

While it’s quite possibly absolutely the last thing on your mind, I ask you to consider this – could this be an opportunity to decide what YOU want now? To start planning a new future, the way YOU want it? To start making plans now that will lead to the freedom and lifestyle YOU crave a little way down the track?

I work with mums from all backgrounds who have decided that they want to take control of their own future and have realised that starting a business is the ideal way to do that. We work through exactly what they’d love to do for a living – and how to create a business from it.

The SHINE system I have formulated was born from my first failed attempt at starting a business back in 2006, and the realisation that there is so much more to it than you first think! I now walk mums step-by-step through getting set up properly with HM Revenue & Customs, actually figuring out what services/packages to provide and how to price them, low-cost/no-cost ways to market their business, implementing systems to allow them to spend less time in their business while making more money – and lots more!
The focus is on time management (because as a mum I understand just how precious it is) and on building the future you want by creating a business you LOVE.
My name is Emma Hague and, as a qualified chartered management accountant and new business creation specialist, I have over 15 years’ experience of helping business owners start, run and grow their businesses – and now specialise in helping budding mumpreneurs specifically.

Many times, for anyone to take action towards starting a business, some kind of catalyst is required – sometimes it’s the birth of a baby (as in my case), sometimes redundancy or the loss of a loved one, and sometimes divorce.

Working for myself has been absolutely invaluable to me over the last 7 years – during that time we have sadly lost my father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandma and granddad; welcomed our second child; not to mention dealing with numerous child illnesses, pet deaths, a burglary and two car thefts.

I honestly don’t believe I could have provided the unconditional support I have to my husband, mum and children during that time (and remained sane by also finding time for myself) if I had not had the freedom that self-employment brings me. Many divorced mums talk of how starting a business helped give them a focus – something to really channel their energy into when they were feeling desperate. I often hear stories of how creating a business has given them renewed confidence in their own abilities and immense satisfaction at being self-reliant, and having total control over their income.
Lots of mums who have been through a separation talk of how they’ve had enough of working to someone else’s terms and love the fact that they’re in charge now! Not to mention the positive image they are creating for their own children.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had a relationship coach, such as those provided by Dovetail, to support you through the entire divorce process and your change in circumstances – coupled with the help of an experienced and qualified business creation coach who could help you start planning a way out of your current working environment and into one that will provide the future you crave… and deserve.

Article written by Emma Hague from MaternityMoneymaker.comIf you are interested in hearing more of how Emma can help you – and receiving 3 free gifts from her, including 14 free videos and a complimentary call to discuss the challenges you face when starting a business, please visit maternitymoneymaker.com/gifts

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