The Benefits of a divorce coach

A divorce coach or relationship coach can be very beneficial when you are going through a divorce. Divorce is a stressful process and emotions run high, at the time it can leave you unable to fully express yourself or get your point across, which you may later come to regret.

At Dovetail Divorce our coaches will teach you how to cope, keep calm and express your wishes clearly to help you make decisions about your future. Your relationship coach will be with you throughout the whole process and will spend time with you to learn your position and what concerns you may have going into a divorce.

Not only can a divorce coach be helpful for you, they can also be very beneficial when children are involved. As well as being stressful for you it can be stressful for your children who might not fully understand what is happening and why Mummy and Daddy aren’t together anymore. Our aim is to help you and your children understand what is happening and the process that is going on around them, giving you the tools to make better decisions. We understand ensuring that your children’s best interested are kept and reducing the impact that divorcing may cause them is a high priority.

There are many reasons why a divorce coach is a great thing to have and these are our top 4 key benefits as to why a Dovetail Divorce coach is right for you:

  • – Friendly unbiased and non-judgemental help. Our coaches don’t know you or your partner so they can give advice from a professional, balanced point of view.
  • – Knowledgeable about which divorce routes are available and which would be best for your situation
  • – Can give you the tools to help you remain calm, to feel empowered and to communicate effectively throughout the divorce process.
  • – Give you the confidence to make sure that your voice is heard.

Our experienced Divorce coaches work hand in hand with our divorce lawyers to help make your divorce proceedings smoother. Our coaches can help you make a plan that our lawyers can then carry out for you.

Our end goal is always to help you separate calmly, kindly and constructively. If would like to know more about our relationship coaches get in touch with us

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