The importance of a fixed fee divorce

The Legal Ombudsman has highlighted the importance of up front, fixed fee divorce services, such as those offered by Dovetail Divorce Solutions.

According to the Legal Ombudsman, divorce cases have prompted the most complaints over the last year – 18% of complaints resolved by the Legal Ombudsman were about divorce cases with other major sources of complaint being housing writing and will writing.

The chief legal ombudsman urged people to agree costs up front and to check the small print before employing a lawyer: “Talk to a number of lawyers. Ask them to explain – in words that you understand – exactly what they are going to do for you, and how much that is going to cost you, and whether or not you can be guaranteed to get the outcome that you want.

“So don’t rush into it, don’t expect all lawyers to be the same; there are some very, very good lawyers out there, but unfortunately there are some bad ones as well.”

At Dovetail Divorce we agree that it is essential that you know the full cost of your divorce in advance and this is why we’ve established our online instant quote calculator which is unique in the UK. Our cost calculator provides an instant, accurate quote so that you are aware of the costs from the very outset.

The ombudsman service resolves disputes between legal representatives and their clients and was established in 2010. Since 2010 the service has received around 185,000 enquiries however, the legal ombudsman warned that it only covers disputes over the work of qualified legal representatives.



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