The new campaign to offer support for 'Kids in the Middle'

Sadly we’re all too aware of the damage that can be caused when children are caught between separating parents and with the closure of two helplines and a lack of Government money, the danger is that many children no longer have anyone to turn to for impartial advice.

However a group of teenagers are raising money to create something new. Twenty students in two schools, Hereford Cathedral School and Crickhowell High School, have been asked by agony aunts from the national media – Deidre Sanders at The Sun, Denise Robertson from ITV’s This Morning and Zelda West-Meads from The Mail on Sunday – to lead a national fundraising campaign.

The idea behind the campaign is to tell the story of what many children in separating families go through and to create a new, on-line support site for them.

The ‘Kids in the Middle’ campaign is the first ever ‘crowd-funded’ service for children and has already received backing from family court judges, family lawyers, Cafcass, family charities and others.

The team behind Kids in the Middle acknowledge that this is a ‘big leap of faith’ but feel that there isn’t another way to fill the gap that has opened up. Kids in the Middle will be designed to be ‘a place where the experiences of children in separating families can be told, a place where they can find re-assurance from their peers that their situation is not their fault and this is OK to seek support. They will find expert advice and signposts to places where they can get further help of different kinds. Kids in the Middle will be built with young people who have themselves been in the middle.’

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