UK children are more likely to be raised by a single parent

A report due to be published later this week will show that children in the UK are more likely to be raised by a single parent, compared to any of the other major European countries.

The report has been carried out by the Policy Exchange, an influential think-tank, highlights the fact European figures that the proportion of single parent families in Britain is second only to Latvia. Around 24 per cent of UK children aged under 18 – approximately one quarter – are being raised by a lone parent, in comparison to 15 per cent of German children and 13 per cent of Spanish children.

These figures come on the back of warnings that lone parents are ‘less effective’ at bringing up their children, compared to married couples. The Policy Exchange’s study has found that in more than one in three single parent families, either the mother or father is out of work, making these families an ‘essential’ target of the welfare reforms being made by the Government.

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