What is Divorce Recovery Coaching? Cheryl Dillon, American coach, explains…. Divorce Recovery Coaching is all about results.

Accelerated, sustainable and transformational results.
Accelerated because we work together to go directly to the root of what’s causing you the most divorce-related stress and create an action plan with a series of easy to follow steps designed to eliminate it.
Sustainable because when you take these new actions every day, they will become new, healthy habits and the new “empowered way” you lead your life.
Transformational because the way you will experience life will never be the same again – in an amazing way!
There’s no quick fix, but if you commit to making personal growth a priority in your life and trust in the relationship coaching process…

Your life will change more quickly and profoundly than you ever thought possible.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel like your life is completely upside down?
  • Do you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and you can’t seem to get control of your emotions?
  • Are you stuck in the blame game – blaming your spouse, your circumstances, or even your children for your dissatisfaction in life?
  • Are you obsessively re-playing what went wrong with “What if’s” and “If only’s?”
  • Do you feel like your divorce is consuming all of your time, energy and emotional bandwidth?
  • Are you tired of feeling like your life is defined by your divorce?
  • Are you trying to let go and move on, but can’t seem to get past the past?
  • Do you feel like the stress of your divorce is taking a toll on your ability to parent, to lead a career, and to remain healthy?
  • Do you feel like you are all alone?

Do you want to stop feeling this way and instead create a life you love and deserve?

Is Divorce Recovery Coaching Like Therapy?

Nope, it sure isn’t.
Some people decide to see a therapist for help getting over their divorce. There’s nothing wrong with therapy and for treating mental health issues, it’s the right choice.
Therapy is about the past in an attempt to analyze why things happened – in the past.
But consider this: if you spend all your time re-hashing the past, won’t it just keep you stuck – in the past? What good does spending time looking backwards do when what you really want to do is move forward?
Wouldn’t you rather focus your energy on building a new life you love?

You can’t change the past but you can create your future.

Coaching Is Less About “Why” and More About “How To”

Divorce Recovery Coaching is about the present and the future.
How to:

  • Ditch the rollercoaster and regain control of your emotions and your life.
  • Break the destructive patterns that are preventing you from having the happy life you want and deserve.
  • No longer see problems, only opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Define new rules for what you will and won’t tolerate and align your values to the way you live your life. Be the boss of you!
  • Let go of the pain of your divorce and move forward with confidence, courage and optimism. Say goodbye to worry and doubt.
  • Reclaim your power (as hard as this might be to believe, you do have power) and create a life of purpose, freedom and joy.

How Does Divorce Recovery Coaching Work?

Divorce Recovery Coaching is based on personal power – self-awareness, risk-taking and action.
Taken together, these aspects of relationship coaching result in a deeply felt empowerment and personal freedom. We’ll work together one-on-one for less than an hour each week via telephone or Skype and I’ll guide you through my 10 Step signature divorce recovery coaching system.
And while I have no doubt you’ll hang up the phone each week feeling supported, inspired and empowered to take action, wait until you experience the real power of relationship coaching – it’s what happens between sessions.

As your coach, I will:

  • Support you fully, always putting you first. I’m only concerned with your success.
  • Engage you in powerful, thought-provoking conversations focused on you, and ask you questions in a way no one has likely asked before.
  • Help you investigate a full-range of possibilities for “What’s next?” no matter if you are contemplating a divorce, in the middle of a divorce or already divorced.
  • See your vision for you when you forget or get distracted by circumstances in your life and help you prioritize your values, time and energy.
  • Call you on the carpet for your bad habits which may be limiting choice and help you overcome roadblocks getting in your way. I won’t let you get away with settling for anything less than your best.
  • Only focus on solutions, not problems. It may not always seem this way, but there are already things in your life that are working and it’s my job to help you pinpoint and build upon them in ways you may not even have realized are possible.
  • Help you stretch yourself, expand and grow in unimaginable ways.

Think it’s too good to be true?

Think again!!

How you move through-and eventually beyond divorce is your choice.

Will you choose to stay stuck in the hurt and pain of the past or will you choose to use your divorce as a springboard into a brighter and more joyful future?
I’m not pro-divorce, but I am pro-happiness and you deserve to be happy.

Are you ready to regroup, reclaim and reinvent your life?

Get started with divorce recovery coaching today! call Calre on 07984115927 or email her onclare.walters@absolute-specialists.co.uk

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