Why a fixed-fee approach to divorce works for us

We’ve read with interest an article in the blog section of the Huffington Post website which speculates as to why lawyers in the United States are unlikely to ever introduce fixed-fees for the legal work they perform.

The blog article, written by Georgialee Lang from Lawdiva.wordpress.com, comments on another article by Jim Halfens of Divorce Hotel who argues that it’s ‘about time’ divorce lawyers charged fixed fees.

In her article, Georgialee Lang argues that if Jim Halfen understood the limitations of the US family court system and the opportunities that can arise for delays and abuses of the system, he would understand why a fixed-fee approach wouldn’t work.

Ms Lang feels that a fixed-fee system is impossible to implement because of the variations in complexity of different cases.

Here at Dovetail Divorce, we feel that not knowing how much a divorce will cost is a very outdating way of working and our online cost calculator, unique in the UK, gives our clients to opportunity to accurately work out their divorce fees.

A fixed-fee approach works for us and our clients because we use the collaborative route to divorce. Collaborative divorce is based upon the ideal of nurturing an amicable relationship between our clients and their ex-partners. The collaborative route requires honesty from both sides and we encourage couples to work with each other to work out the details of how they will part, rather than the far more costly option of letting the courts decide.

If you would like to read Georgialee Lang’s article, please visit the Huffington Post website.

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