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Why choose Dovetail to help you with your Divorce

At Dovetail Divorce we bring together a collaborative mix of Lawyers, Divorce Coaches and IFA’s, giving you access to the divorce that you need. We want to make sure that you separate in an amicable way, ensuring that all those involved are happy with the finial outcome.


At Dovetail Divorce our aim is to avoid taking divorce’s to the court for decisions, as we believe there’s always a better solution. Especially when children are involved. There can be a lot of emotions running high when taking the decision to court it can cause unnecessary frictions and, in some cases, more problems. Sitting down with your ex- partner around a table either with mediation or collaboration puts you in control and allows you both to discuss what it is that you need.


Our lawyers at Dovetail will sit down with you and find a divorce route that suits your needs. At Dovetail there is more than one answer. If you have a family, Arbitration is a great route as this helps to reach an agreement on issues that you might be struggling with on your own. Mediation helps couples who want to reach their own solutions with a process that is constructive and amicable.  Round Table involves sitting down with your ex-partner and lawyers to discuss and explore reaching an agreement rather than going to court. You could even consider going down the Collaboration route as it allows for you and your ex to sit down and come to discussions on how to resolve any disputes that you might have.


In addition, speaking with a divorce coach can help you to understand your emotions, the way you are feeling and how others effect that, and can help you to take control of these emotions so that you can easily put across your points and wishes when going through the divorce process. A Divorce Coach is not there to give you the answers but to give you the tools to calmly and collectively put across your points in a way in which you will be heard and understood.


Have you thought about speaking to an IFA? It can be difficult making the transition from having a household income to a single one. You may need to know where you stand with your out goings, what you can afford and how to split your assets which can be more complicated than expected. In these cases it’s best to consult an IFA who will be able to give you non biased advice on where you stand with your money.


You might decide that you just want to speak to a Dovetail IFA/Coach/Lawyer or you might choose to use a mix of Dovetail Divorce specialists. Some couples that are separating find that speaking to an IFA, Divorce Coach and a Lawyer allows them to fully explore all options, where as others might choose to just speak to a lawyer as they feel comfortable with their. This is your decision and one that we can work with you on.


At Dovetail we want to help you! Our collaborative mix allows us to do just that by offering a range of different solutions. Don’t go through a divorce alone … speak to Dovetail.

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